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What Do You Like?

Vidal Sassoon, who died recently (17 January 1928 – 9 May 2012), made all of these styles famous, such as Mia Farrow’s pixie cut, for the 1968 horror film Rosemary’s Baby. To this day, his cuts are still being trained all over the world.

Vidal Sassoon introduced his precision haircutting techniques in the 1960’s, revolutionizing the industry. In the 1980’s, he experimented with a wide range of hair colour methods and shades, introducing the connection between cut and colour. As a result of his trend-setting methods, today’s cuts create the style, resulting in a look that does not wash out and is easy to maintain at home.

Now we are entering an era when cuts are created through precision techniques, with the stylist’s creativity extending the client’s personality into their hairstyle, resulting in wearable beauty. This is all possible because of the groundwork done by pioneer Vidal Sassoon.

What Do You Think?

Most experts agree that washing your hair every day is not necessary. How often you need to shampoo depends on how oily your scalp is, and your hair's texture. The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed the hair, the longer it can safely go between washes. Oil from the scalp, called sebum, travels more easily down smooth, straight hair, helping to moisturize and waterproof the hair shaft, but also making it look greasier faster. Even most short, fine, straight hair can skip a day of washing.

When you wash every day, you typically strip off this natural moisturizer, so you have to put it back on using a conditioner formulated to improve the condition of your hair. Alternatively, you could try gradually increasing the number of days between shampooing and see if your hair becomes healthier.