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About Phil English

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Phil English grew up In North Vancouver as part of a family that was very athletic, musical and artlstic. He excelled in sports, so after graduating Handsworth Secondary school, he focused malnly on soccer for over 20 years, which Ied to his current position as owner and operator of Powerline Athletics. Music has also been a big part of Phll's Ilfe, Ieading him to spend 10 years writing, recording and tutoring as a Iead slnger of a rock band. Phil was recentlv in the studio recording two brand new origlnal songs.

However, a constant force in Phil's Ilfe has been art and design. Afier studylng graphics throughout high school, where he also ran the silkscreen department, he spent 10 vears in Plexiglas design and fabrication. While he sold his custom painted pottery for a time, it was the canvas that has been his real joy. In the Iast five years, Phil found his niche using acrylics and mixed media to create contemporaiy art pieces. Today, his canvasses are full of colour, depth, texture and imagination, created using traditional implements, resins, gels and a host of various mixed media. He continues to grow as an artist and is constantIy experimenting with new techniques and styles to keep his canvasses fresh, hip and modern.