Revitalize yourself with a holistic and naturally energetic  skincare treatment called PHYTO 5, the Phytobiodermie system. Phytobiodermie combines light-therapy and lymphatic drainage with the principles of Asian energy theory.

Treat any of your vital energy imbalances by utilizing PHYTO 5’s naturally energetic skincare and treatment products, each representing an element in traditional Chinese medicine
(Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water).

More about PHYTO 5...

WOOD: Natural Clay Base

  • for oily scalp and hair
  • for oily, Blackheads, and Hyper-pigmentation
  • targets issues of vital-energy imbalance

FIRE: Natural Algae and Plankton Base

  • for excessive heat and perspiration
  • for redness, irritated, sensitive, allergic skin
  • for couperose, irritated red sensitive scalp
  • targets issues of arterial circulation

EARTH: Natural Cereal Base

  • for blemishes and toxicity
  • for acne, psoriasis, and enlarged pores
  • for heavy looking hair and pimples on the scalp
  • targets lymphatic circulation problems

METAL: Contains Plant Extracts

  • for dull and lifeless skin
  • for dry skin and surface flakiness
  • for dry scalp, dry and brittle hair
  • targets issues of venous circulation and varicose veins

WATER: Contains Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals

  • for skin lacking tone, dehydration and wrinkles
  • for limp hair with no volume
  • for scalp lacking tone
  • targets water retention